Every now and then I have to remind myself about a few things. I do this through the conversations I have with my daughter, other friends and by writing music.


Here are a few things I try my best to remember:


Never spend time with someone who makes you feel like you are hard to love or hard to be around.

You deserve to be treated well. With great love, care and devotion.

Know your  strength and only accept into your space, your energy, your body – those who are worthy of your time.

Do not react. Save your words, your actions. Remove yourself from where you are and think first.

Anger is easy – being honest is not. Try to move past your pain to see what’s really eating you.

Try to be as honest as you can about what you feel. Even if it means crying and fumbling with your words.

Mediocrity is boring. No one needs to put up with second hand anything – emotions, words, love, food, music or sex. Never settle. It will not end well.

If you are going to engage with anything or anyone – do it with a clear heart and mind.

Not everyone you love is meant to stay in your life. Some people come to bring us clarity so we can love ourselves and another  with greater sincerity.

Everything is cyclical – you cannot function on a high all the time. When you are low – do things that will keep you safe. Or seek out people. If you cannot do that – venture into nature.

When you wake up try to find things you are grateful for. Revel in all the wonder and beauty around you  and play music to amplify your mood.

Those we love and care for show us how they feel. It’s time we start being real about their actions and where or even if we fit into their lives.

Call when you miss someone. And not just on their birthday. Or better yet surprise visit them.

If someone does not answer your calls, your mails or takes ages to respond – pay attention.

Closure is for idiots. All you have to do is look at how you were treated – therein lies all the closure you need. Close the door and move on. Thank the person for the clarity they brought.

People are going to leave or pass on. Honor their love, their lives as best you can. And cry badly and alone if you are overwhelmed with the loss.

If you were wrong about anything admit it. Pride is….boring and a waste of time.

If you want a second chance  at something – take it. Hell, take as many chances you can.

If you want a second chance with someone – ask for it.

You are lucky to be alive. Embrace that. Do not only surround yourself with good people. Ensure that you are also.





One thought on “Tips For Being Human

  1. “Those we love and care for show us how they feel. It’s time we start being real about their actions and where or even if we fit into their lives.”
    In this season of my life… This is the lesson I’m learning. Its so damn hard, but MAN, is it librating!

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