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I am now the English newsreader at a radio station. The irony of it all. I barely listen to radio or ever watch the news. Still. I dig the new job.

There is less time in my day. I meet new  people and make plans with the old ones. The catchphrase in my head being   ‘Remember Summercamp and your birthday!’ A needed  getaway with friends who lost so much during the last few years.  Or gained more as Matt and I have. Only three months to go….

Plans upon plans and whiskey on cold nights when things need to be celebrated.  New things. Wings are being spread and empires forged.  War councils and witches covens convened around a fire in the middle of the week. Food and whiskey sometimes forgotten. Yeah. I have amazing friends.

New people conversations swirl in the ethers. Conversations that bore me. As I can feel the trajectory of my words and theirs, like a golden path stretching towards infinity. Don’t  you get it? I have written too much and sung even more. I have no real desire to speak or waste time. Switch off. Switch on. Make sure Genesis is at the right place before you get on air. New people conversations are like the pilot of a tv show. I am giving you only so much of my time.

The days are full and my new album needs focus. There are too many songs and I keep working on more. About the love encircling me. The warmth I feel when I hear Matteo barge into my room, fling open the curtains and declare ‘Aunty Yo, the night is gone!’ Or when Luca runs up to kiss me, or wrestle me to the floor and I tell him ‘Luca, pukka, my chocolate pie…’

I am happy. This is a new song I am learning and I lack nothing. Breathe. Dont look at the many buttons you need to press but ahead. You are being heard. Look.  The red button is on.

I once said I want a love that feels like Music. And so discarded anything that did not  spark  fires  and  lead straight to the open arms of the piano. I suppose that’s why I fell madly in love with him. I burned under his gaze. Gods he was beautiful inside and out. But he and that past feels cardboard thin now. Sometimes I wish he would call or I run into him in some impossible place.

But with my luck…I will be found by a Someone Special when life is busy and full. It always happens like this. Love while travelling to places in between. Places I never thought I would be. Love while facing another direction and moving too fast.  I am always met with fire. No time to say anything. Or fight it. Or Them. But….

This is a new song and it has nothing to do with being a news reader or co-host on a drive time show. Or snacking on biltong at least 3 times a week. Okay. It has a lot to do with that ( I freaking love biltong man).

I am happy. And the people I love are happy. Music always find me. Or a Ben Haprer dream will come to show the way. The next album I drop will be something incredibly beautiful. Like the hearts and minds of everyone I got to know over the last three years. The who and where I am now.  The time travelling musician I have become. Jumping timelines with a device strapped to my arm. Poof. I am gone. Poof. I am here. Hear. Year.

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