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This year is almost done! Damn! So much has happened. In keeping with that and knowing that life is set to speed up for all of us, I compiled my list of things to remember.

  • If something doesn’t show up in my life,  it is not relevant to my growth at that point in time.
  • To do lists are bullshit.
  • You don’t like coffee as much so don’t drink it.
  • Whiskey is better with friends.
  • Travel. Everywhere. Say yes.
  • Don’t encourage men you don’t like.
  • Remember what you do like, the energy of the person and kiss them first to test out the chemistry part.
  • Remember. You have enough friends.
  • If it’s important, you will remember. If you don’t, then it isn’t. Move on.
  • Your daughter’s take on most things seem to be spot on. Listen more..
  • Ignore the same daughter where my love life is concerned.
  • Remember, my life is a reflection of my deepest beliefs about myself and how I view the world. Fill it with people who are true, books worth rereading and a lover who is funny and kind. Oh, and very smart. A.tall and handsome man who smells of wild forests and adventure!

I hung out with one of my best friends,, Noel and it was wonderful. As usual, we ended up sitting on the stoep, with whiskey between us, music in the background just talking nonsense. It felt comforting and safe. He is so good to me and I to him. And I guess that’s the point. There’s so much love between us and I am so grateful to have him as my friend, one of my dearest.

At times I  wonder about certain people. Where are they, what are they up to and just what the sweet general fook happened to them? Then I remember… If it’s not relevant it won’t show up. If I am meant to know, I will.

People are not that complicated and neither is life. We are where we are. We choose it. Second by second. Thought by thought. Good intentions don’t mean shit if no action is taken. The way is always shown…..and we are it.




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