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It’s about the small things. Yes, I am distracting myself ahead of my rehearsal performance and photo shoot. So allow me to list all the things I look forward to, okay?

Music is easy. I cant wait to jump into studio and work with a different kind of producer. I have two projects in mind I would love to work on. Performances I cannot wait to stage and proposals to put together. See? That was the easy bit. Along with spending more time with my daughter. Seriously, why should I even mention it eh? Allowing my daughter to rip me off about..let’s see….my cooking, my clothing, my love life and work. Yep, sounds like fun!

When home, I plan on convincing my Mother to plant at least 5 cherry blossom trees in our garden. Along with a bay leaf tree, coriander and a few other herbs we always run out of when cooking. I would love to have some ink on my skin. Something special for my father and a kaleidoscope of butterflies on my left arm. Delicate and beautiful yes.

Books! I cannot wait to go second hand book shopping. After every performance I spoil myself with books and pretty notebooks. I usually am gifted these by friends and the men who hang around. Still, I look forward to spending at least 30 minutes in a shop deciding what notebook suits me best….and driving my friends crazy as I take my own sweet time!

There is one object I would love to own. An object of desire, if you will. A kimono. Goodness, I saw something so beautiful in India. Silk, the color of the rising sun. I knew I should have purchased it, but hesitated. Along with a red bag with wooden handles, delicately embroidered. Dammit. I am a handbag girl, but prefer something unique and with a bit of history.

Oh and how can I forget? I cannot wait to kiss someone extraordinary. I came close recently, but….something was missing. And I am not about to settle. My life is extraordinary as is, filled with the best kinds of people who make every single day count. Why should a lover be any different eh? In fact, my person should enhance what’s already in my life. As I should with him.

Spending time with my family. At the sea or lagoon. We have so many nature reserves in our area and I plan on visiting all of them. Alone. With books and snacks. Of course the next Summercamp and Afrika Burn is a must! I always envisioned reading in a room that looks and feels like a cave. With a small altar where candles can be lit, books can be read, whiskey drunk and music listened to. Intimate. Safe and magical. Shared with only people I care for.

Yeah, that’s enough for now I reckon. In a few hours Desiree rocks up to do my makeup and I head off to the theater to meet the photography students and my band. But first, off to the shops I go. I need lashes and a few other things…

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