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Here’s a collection of interesting thoughts or ideas that caused me to pause…

☆Let the truth you discover be small enough to remember.

Epiphanies reach us all, perhaps at different times and speeds. Yet, I liken the truth to a Big Dream (as Robert Moss once said) waiting for the intrepid dreamer to not not only believe but act on, despite fear. Big dreams alters one’s perception of the world, allowing for greater expansion. Yes, yes, Music was one of my Big Dreams. I shudder to think what a life without Music would have been like. The truth was small enough for me to hold on to…every single damn day.

☆ Love yourself as you love your neighbor.

We have all heard the saying twisted the other way round. Love your neighbor as yourself. Yet, so many of us are entrenched in a tradition or culture where the denial or subjugation of our  needs comes ahead of everything else. A good woman denies herself everything after all! Very often this results in a lack of self love….which leads to fuckery of every possible kind. But if we loved ourselves as our neighbor or as we do our child or children, negative self talk would be a thing of the past wouldn’t it? Respect a given. Generosity part of the course and hope sparkling in our eyes.  Removing so much fear and making life gentler somehow.

☆ You are Love in search of Itself.

After my father passed this epiphany crashed into me. I took an in depth look at how I conducted myself in every relationship, be it personal or professional. Whenever love found me what did I have access to that I felt denied of before? And how to access that alone and within myself instead of searching for it in another? This is my quest.  Being able to open my heart and share that love with another….is a gift I choose to give. I no longer feel the emptiness or alone.

Forgiveness is the end of Karma.

(I had to let that sink in for a while….)

Aside from that…

It’s half way through the new year. Damn! And South Africans are enduring their third Prohibition! Three fucken Prohibitions. Luckily, people stocked up and planned ahead. Hell, even I have a bottle of whiskey hidden somewhere for emergency purposes. I marvel at what our government will think of next. The control exercised and the ingenuity it will be met with.

An update: I was asked to take a walk down a new road a few days ago and explore a different option, if you like. Well, I am glad to report that It went very well. In fact, when asked to fly off the handle and let go…it came to me  with greater ease than I imagined. I like this new me. I am not as afraid. Even of the new and unfamiliar. But let’s see what it brings yeah? Either way, I did it.

My nephew and I are off on a little expedition, seeing that the president closed all the schools. I think a family movie is a great idea for the night. Yeah. I wonder if he remembers the name of the historic battle I taught him about during his History lesson. Only one way to find out as we take a small walk.

But on a serious note: I  refuse to believe that we incarnated here, on this rock, only to be taught lessons and deal with our karma! Surely, life would feel like nothing other than suffering if that were the case! We are here to be gifted with wonderful experiences and people also. Hellyeah! We came here to enjoy the good stuff, and see love and kindness reflected in everything we do. So have a bladdy glorious day! Okay, yeah, I am about ready to face my day now. Xx

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