Every now and then I share bits of the book I am penning. My sister and I were having a conversation about martial arts when I exclaimed ,’ Dude, we should love men in the ways of water!’ Needless to say my sister only made dirty jokes afterwards. But the idea stuck. Read if time allows.

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Distant, faraway child…

You will be guided by many in your life. Guidance will come through seen and unseen hands. The time has come to share the secrets handed to me by those unseen. I call them The Five. Five women have appeared in various guises throughout my life. At times The Five’s voices were embodied in flesh, at other times…not. I have discovered child of mine that peril always finds me when I disregard their wisdom.

“Love a man in the way of water” they once said in a dream. Being young and reckless I loved the only way I could: with Prometheus’ fire. I foolishly thought I could master that love and his heart. Yet when I was undone what lay at my feet was a burnt house and music scorched with loss. A candle in a dark room masquerades as a sun lighting up one’s sky – until dawn arrives and proves it false.

Once I stood bereft at the beach and when The Five spoke to me, their voices carried by the cold winds. This time they offered more. “Love will find its way to you, as the water at your feet, slowly. It has traveled worlds to find you and will gift of itself and then retreat. Never forget, in those moments of retreat, that it too has its own cycles and is part of the raging ocean.”

To love a man like water demands that you know the nature and tides of your heart. And that nature is revealed slowly, not only to your chosen beloved but to you as well. To love another honestly requires strength, adaptability and brings expansion and pain in its wake. Yet that strength only comes when you have loved recklessly. When all you have is a burnt house – what you value most in another and yourself never leaves you.

Lao Tzu wisely said “Nothing is weaker than water, but when it attacks something hard or resistant, then nothing withstands it. And nothing will alter its way.”

The love of those in our line is sacred daughter. With all that we are, our minds, our hearts, our bodies, we are a silent moon…and desire always find us.

You may forget and disregard everything except this: Do not offer a man your heart if you do not know how to love yourself in the ways of water – first.