Just sharing a bit of the book I wrote. And yeah – I am a sniffer. I enjoy smelling people and drawing all kinds of conclusions! Hehe

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Dearest Jay

Finally I discovered the shades of light that gently  leave your skin. I am speaking of your unique smell, not the cologne you wear, in case you think I am too vague. Do you know the name I have given it Jay, the alluring trail of silver grey smoke, the trapped essence at the center of your being?

Let me explain it before you think me silly. I see it so clearly, when close enough to you, the boy you were before grief claimed you and snuffed the light from your eyes. A light that only rages when you work, your entire being volcanic. A light that demands to know the fullness it once was.

You smell of sun-ray yellow and emerald green. The longing, purity and joy  of the boy you left behind as you stood in a room, alone, swallowing your tears. Your scent is that of Innocence Forlorn.And all you allow others are  charred echoes, shadows caught in the late afternoon sun; embers silently smoldering…

In short, you smell bladdy fantastic and it saddens me.