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This year has been surprising. So many things got turned upside down. Yet, here we still are. Making do with who we are…

I always thought, ‘The next album I record will be overseas…’ Yet. Life happened. And here I am recording two albums with a good friend. Amidst making food, family and doing what has to be done. This is the way it is, when I allow things to just flow. It all works out somehow.

Tumi and I do work very well together. We all know good or great musicians. But give me a chilled out human whose fun to be around and making music becomes easy.  In fact, everything becomes easier afterwards. We don’t doubt each other, that’s the main thing.

We head off on a mini road trip tomorrow. I also promised Tumi an entire day on the beach. With blankets, lunch and a beach umbrella. My Mother is just so pleased to see me happy and marvels at how quickly we write music together. Again, I am blessed that way.

This damn year! I take nothing for granted. Each act of kindness and wonderful word. All the love shown will always be cherished. Everything and everyone is precious.

I guess 2020 solidified all my friendships. I have  certainty about how I choose to engage with people, the lines I will and won’t cross. The bad days? I will ride them out because down the road and over the hill….that’s where the fun’s at, where the party is happening. And they’re all waiting for me to arrive and set the dance floor on fire! Haha! Hellyeah!

Ps, so we are writing two new album….without a keyboard or a bass or a microphone stand! Haha. But – we make do with who we are. And right now, we feel kinda wonderful. This is where the music comes from after all. The rest? Tumi can fix when he goes home. The rest? i can deal with as I know I am never alone or without help. Visible. Invisible. It’s all the same thing really.

Anthoo, lemme be off and make breakfast for Tumi and I. Wonder what music he will play as I do?


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