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No one heals in isolation. We might have ideas around what could work, a possible modality here and there. Very often it is our relationships or our interactions with others that provide the answer to the very real question at the centre of our suffering. As we all ask ourselves , “Have I learnt the lessons and moved on?”

The last few weeks was such a clear indication that indeed…I am more healed and together than I supposed. And I do feel lighter. I am no longer the one Eyed king feeding off memories of the past. Delusional and unable to see.

What comes next? Aside from more music? I don’t know and neither do I care, but I love being surprised! And the univers worked overtime to hand me some of the good stuff. Perhaps for good behavior? For taking all the time I needed to feel more certain about who I am while the world went to hell? Who knows eh? But the wheel has turned.

Be at peace wherever you are. Or don’t be. As long as being true and present to whatever shows up in your life remains a focus. Or if not a focus, something to keep your eyes on. X


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