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In the last few weeks I wrote the bulk of songs I am considering for the new album. The soundscape for the album can be summed up in one word – lush.

So far this is where I stand in no order:

  • Rolling 6’s ( magical)
  • Stir a little love into everything( inspiring stuff)
  • Crashproof ( whimsical)
  • Riddle me Gently ( longing)
  • Vast is the Forest (epic)
  • Graveyard Grass ( menacing)
  • Queen Guerilla ( fighting spirit vibes)
  • Rabbit Hole (fun feel)
  • Golden ( big song with choir)
  • Till the Waves Touch The Ground (ballad)
  • An Eye for an Eye (fuck off and die song)
  • Legacy (epic)
  • Silently (sexy as fuck)
  • Stay Strong (ballad)
  • Mo Fire! (Upbeat )
  • Babylon’s Calling ( fighting the power song)
  • Thirst For Your Love ( I have had enough of your ass kinda song)
  • Gunslinger ( fighting song)
  • Stay ( ballad)

I need to sit with Rodney so he can flesh out the songs with proper piano. Then I have to find the money (it always comes) and a producer. I doubt that the energy with which I sing Call It Murder can be captured in studio to be honest. Some of these songs require a brass section and a range of different instruments I have not used before. There are three songs I still need to write. All these songs will be sent to my one best friend who has heard all my music from the second album where I was involved from the start. He can easily spot when I use the same phrase, melody  or chord progression. When he says yes….then I know I am on to something. All he said was…at least your songs are not that sad anymore. I call that progress!