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People and pedestals.  We are all guilty of idolizing an individual in our past. Rubbing their shiny bits until they glimmer like the gods of Olympus. Great for music, or anything  requiring artistic expression bordering on the transcendent. Not so great in real life. It stops one dead in the tracks. Boom. You shall not pass. Or you cannot pass…chose not to pass.

For a while I deified certain people through music. Weaving them into deeper parts of my being, note by note. Perhaps, it was my clumsy attempt at crystallizing one perfect moment, that not even time or distance could ravage and ruin. Throughout 2020, I wanted to believe so badly but instead came face to face with my own delusions. I was lying to myself. Hurting myself. The perfect moment was a trap of my own making…

2021 brought grounding. 2022 is allowing me to breathe and relax, while I enjoy the good energy moving through me. And along with it? New people, experiences and  ways of viewing the world. So yes, after recovering from Afrika Burn… a brand new sound. I am releasing that new album this year. Possibly a new-ish band of sorts also. I am enjoying the idea of all the musical possibilities ….and will follow them.

The point of this rant? Unseat your gods. Cause havoc. Revolution. Chop off their heads baby. Push them off their pedestals. How else to see clearly eh? Then find grounding after the elation of their untimely deaths…

On a side note.  The tufts of grass in the early morning sun resembles a golden path here in the desert. It is a thing to behold…Frank Herbert was on to something

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