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I had the oddest dream. This should be a standard opening line by now. As all my dreams are slightly odd, and I am always trying to figure them out. Why else would I remember them eh?

In the dream I found myself sitting on the grass outside, immersed in a book. Something caught my attention and so I looked up. Only to discover that the entire sky had changed color. It looked like i was sitting in the centre and surrounded by the Northern Lights, the Aurora borealis. Except the colors were a soft neon pink littered with bits of purple and deep blue streaks. What am I being shown here, I asked. Why this color, what does it mean? I received an answer immediately. I am sending you gold. As soon as I heard the response, my vision expanded until I saw beyond my crazy pink, blue and purple sky and felt a stream of the purest gold being sent my way.

I woke up from the dream and wondered….just what was between myself and the gold light being sent? All it could be was my conditioning, all the filters I use to create the reality I am perceiving. This by itself was interesting as I have been on a steady program of dismantling my belief structure. Clearly, I have a long way to go it seems.

The last ten years, since becoming a professional musician has been just that. A slow letting go, a shedding of skins. I got rid of many titles clinging to my skin.  Wife, a mother, friend, lover. And thanks to 2020,  the role of musician was discarded also. All the roles I attached great importance to no longer hold. They are merely clothes I wear when I feel the need.

I am in a safe space, filled with family and friends. Nature is so bountiful here. We might not be able to go to the beaches ( which makes no sense by the way), but there are so many hiking trails, rivers, 800 year old trees, botanical gardens and nature reserves on this side of the world. My mental health is wonderfully intact, thank you very much. I write music that’s gentler also. About the love I know  now and the kind of world I would like my grandbabies to inhabit. The more I dismantle old and outdated beliefs, the more I can breathe…

I am maintaining my balance and do things I love with the resources I have. If this entire reality is nothing other than a dreamspell, then mine already is rather wonderful. And this is how it will remain…and will improve upon it given the time.

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