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It was a good performance…for three reasons. First…I remembered all the words to the new songs. You must understand the last time I sang….I lost an entire verse of one particular song. It just disappeared from my mind. And dammit, I rehearsed! Of course, I improvised and made up shit along the way. Only Rodney knew….yet, I felt horrid. So I  finally got all the lyrics right. Thank the gods!

It was a great gig because….the majority of the audience consisted of people I never saw before. And then, the last reason why the gig worked was because I was able to pay my guys. Hear me out….taking care of my  band involves more than money. If I could I would pay them more I would. They are that talented and loyal as fuck. So if they want a certain kind of food, or of they need anything I will make a plan. I am nothing without the people at my side. They take music and make it ours, they make it better than I could imagine.

I sang a song I wrote for The Mexican when I loved him most…and when I did so…all the love I felt came surging back. As I sang I smiled that 16 year old girl smile, my toes curled and a delicious chill ran up my back. It was glorious. So yeah, it’s 5am and the after party is still going – yet here I am speaking to you and saying…my life, as little as it is, is rich beyond measure. And it has everything to do with the people at my side.


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