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It’s funny how things turn out. Let’s start with Mercury retrograde for one. I was the one who initiated contact with some people from my past. Dammit, I thought, if Mercury retrograde is in conjunction with Venus and relationships are what needs to be delved into….only I get to decide who I want in my life. So I reached out. Hell, I even spoke to my ex husband! Hehe.

Yesterday would have been a disaster in terms of my performance as I was so emotional. Until, that is, I received a rather dickish email from a…dick. If that person meant to unseat me or upset me, it had the complete opposite effect. It snapped me out of my deeply emotional state right into action. Aside from giving me the energy to perform on stage, it also reaffirmed every choice I made in the last few years. And the show itself was a testament to that. I was surrounded by people I love or really like.

Let’s not start on all the bottles of whiskey I was given as a gift. Or the amount of whiskey glasses waiting to be tasted at the bar. Needless to say….I passed it on to those in need. We performed a mixture of new and old music. Also, Rodney laid down some piano for the song Burnt Fingers and it sounds wonderful. This guy is in such demand by everyone. So being able to take to the stage with him on my birthday was perfect.

I don’t know what comes next in my life or career to be honest. I do know that doors will open and the way shown so I can have a career overseas. Not only for the music but opportunities for greater connection with others. Others who will become friends. Friends who will become family.

So yeah…I am one lucky lady all round!

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