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Here are some tips. Use it or dont. Just some things the last three years taught me.

Your time is important. Spend it with those you care for. Delete numbers. Pictures. Reminders. Your entire social media presence if you must. Anything that no longer reflects who you are or failed to be.

We all have flaws. I am deeply acquainted with mine. Just the other day it was pointed out and I am grateful. Do not respond immediately….to anything or anyone. Consult friends or even enemies if you have them. And trust me you do. Do not be so naive to think otherwise.

Maintain balance as best you can. Sometimes, it is best to sit back and observe. Or better yet, say nothing. Silence makes people uncomfortable and they tend to speak more than they should. Watch and take notes.

Never give anyone more attention or regard than they deserve. This was a hard lesson to learn, as we are so eager to hand over power. Especially in love or career. Reciprocity matters. If someone wants to be in your life, they will. A great leader is one who creates more leaders. Not sycophants or followers.

Disappear for a while. Ironic, coming from someone who blogs daily. But hey…who is gonna come back to my blog daily just to figure out what I am up to eh? And if they do…..well, this is my platform. My rules. I say what matters and….seeing that I do have a way with words…I use that to my advantage. Perhaps to shield the truth or distort, you decide. Do not let people allow your presence to become so banal. They will take you for granted.

Know your worth and let your actions reflect it. My friends enjoy introducing me to men. Thanks to the last three years I made a conscious decision in terms of my conduct. Always respect and honesty. But…I do not gravitate towards anyone out of lack or desperation. I have books, music, friends, family….and am not afraid of being alone. Many people are, and that is their issue. Not yours.

Pay attention to your dreams, and how you feel upon waking. Then decide how best to use that energy.

Lastly, do not be afraid to say…no…fuck off…or goodbye. We are never left without what we need. I mentioned this a few times.

More later. Gotta get ready to be on the radio at 3

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