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I listen to speakers who remind me of things I keep forgetting, especially when things are tougher that usual. Mr McKenna was a huge advocate of psychedelics, while providing a solid foundation for those seeking another way.

I enjoyed this talk and will quote him when he says, ‘Each artists is an antenna to the transcendental other….’ We need to remind everyone of the artistry they embody in their waking life, even if they don’t sing or paint or write. The way towards a new way of being can only be found by digging deeper within.  Not by looking towards politicians or policy makers….unless they too are dreamers. And the use of plant medicine has a place, but I don’t believe it is the only way to…transcend, to remember our link to the Sublime. That’s why I sing after all. The question everyone should ask themselves is…how do they honor that link, that scared bond?

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