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I  said some crazy stuff over the years! My favorite line  being, ‘ If you haven’t met the love of your life when I see you next, know this. You are in trouble, I am coming for you…’  Wait. I said that last month! And meant every word, dammit. Until I didnt. Dammit.

Some people are open wounds. Others, unanswered questions.  I learnt to live without both in my life.  The gods and I have a little understanding, and it goes something like this. If I have to knock and knock and my call is unanswered…I will…slowly remove the matches from my bag, and be very careful not to spill any of the  precious drops of petrol before I.. burn the bladdy house down baby!

We waste so much time and energy begging in front of closed doors, dont we? Love me. See me. Hold me. Be there for me. Nah Bruvs, I refuse to beg for anything. On or off stage. Open wounds. Unanswered questions be damned.

On a few occasions in the last few years I was asked to…count my words in public. In other words – behave  lady. However, when I gave their request some thought….I realised….these mofos have serious control issues. I am gonna do as I see fit, what feels true. Regardless. My life. My heart, my rules.

We are never given only one shot. At love or anything we desire. That’s another lie we are sold, to hook us into a scarcity mentality. When the truth is…We live in a universe filled with Doors. Kinda ironic as I called him The Lizard King, the one I threatened.

We are never only given one chance….and even if we are allowed only this one single moment – what will you do with it? Do you know?

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