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We all have signs we pay attention to. Whether it is a number that shows up with greater regularity or a song that plays on the radio. Small gifts from the gods or the Divine, informing us that we are on the right or wrong path, show up all the time!

Look, I have been called crazy by many. Especially when I have an odd dream that reveals information I could not possibly know. Of course, in the end, I was proven right! Hence, I have learnt to trust myself a bit more. Now I ask for dreams to deliver answers that would assist….and they come as requested. Okay, okay, not immediately but within a few days.

I ask myself a few questions upon waking. How did I feel, in the dream and my first impressions upon waking? I mention this as I have been thrown head first into my past for the last few days. As an example…I walked out of the mall, lit my cigarette and looked straight at a black SUV with a peculiar surname emblazoned on it, which is rare to come across in South Africa. Music floated my way on my youtube feed and there was the name again. Switched on a random video only to be met with the same thing. And finally a dream.

Once I stood across someone but had no idea of the energies present  until…wait for it…a song played. And it was brilliant as an indicator or signifier. Sang the musician, ‘I am your lady and you are my man’. I swear, I cannot make this shit up! And I had a choice to make in that second. What meaning will I allow it to have?

Sometimes we walk around on this rock called earth with so many unanswered questions. Once upon a time I used Music to fill in those blanks. Later still, logic descended in the form of: The absence of an answer is an answer. Or silence is a decision. Mine. Theirs. That of our government. You get where I am going?
Until I realised that my life is not wired that way. I dream. And the dreams contain more of the truth than I am ever willing to admit.

We all need safe spaces and people to travel towards. At times, reality does not allow for this. So we dream and are transported to a place where the same safety and freedom existed. A place no one can intrude upon or disturb. I have only experienced this with two people thus far, and one is a musician. I was left with this image: a plethora of letters, written on any and every surface one could write on. All the unknown and unheard of things that has not been expressed. A great image to use in a music video by the way…

Don’t wait my people. Decide what you would like to show up as a sign in your life. Whether it is a yellow bird or a bad Britney song. Decide, empower it with meaning and watch it show up in your life. Then, notice what you were doing or thinking of as it appeared….and give it meaning.

As with everything….all that matters, is the meaning we give to events, experiences and people. Only we get to decide what is and isn’t real. Who knows? Perhaps I will finally read those letters eh?

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