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I feel amazing. So damn happy! And I am sleeping so bladdy well! No, nothing much has changed. Perhaps, it is my new evening and morning routine, who knows. But I feel like a ball of light that just wants to explode with happiness.

Here’s a thing I do shamelessly. I urge everyone to go to Afrika Burn and Summercamp. Not for the obvious reasons. Strange music, wonderful people and more hugs than anyone knows what to do with. No. That, my people, is too easy. I encourage people to go as the experience itself is so overwhelming. Yes, it does take a while to readjust to being back home, returning to the normal, the banal even. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that eh?

What if, we all made the conscious decision that today, yes this day, is going to be one filled with surprises? What if we started our day with the best of music, wore something that makes us feel like a million bucks and then strolled out of the house eh? Like the Kings and Queens we know we are…

I am happy to just be here. Grateful for the friends, the family, the music, the food and yes, the sheer excess I experience at places like Afrika Burn and Summercamp. Now this is the most important bit…the art of it all…. discovering ways of sneaking that feeling of elation into my every day world. For example…I do not need a reason to get dressed up in flowers and smell great. Once upon a time, I only allowed myself that experience when on stage. But when the pandemic hit and simply going to the shop became a cause for celebration? I dress up and ensure I look and feel good. All the time.

A few years ago my friend’s husband took us to a club. I call him Swaar ( brother in law in Afrikaans). He looked at what I was wearing and nodded in approval. I was rocking some Asian /African clothing. ‘When you dress like this you give other women the idea that maybe they can do the same…’ Low and behold, in the early hours a few ladies approached me and said, ‘I wish I could wear that…’ This at a club where everyone was dressing like damn VIP’s off at an award show. I stuck out like a sore thumb.

By being who we naturally are, without excuses, without justification….we allow others to step into a space where they feel free to express themselves. My sister does the same. As does my Mother. Of course, she always checks with us to confirm that her colors match! Haha. Still, we are happier all round. Again, if I reflect on who I was when married? Lawd, all I wanted to do was fade into the background and not be seen. Again, no longer the same person. Thank goodness!

Now? I don’t care. See me, don’t see me. I am on my own buzz, vibrating in my own little universe. You can join me if you like? There’s a standing invitation and it’s yours to use for the rest of your life Darling. Join me Lover. Then pick a chair or a patch of grass and let’s chat…

Yeah, bad days will come. Shitty things will happen. But I put in place a very Stoic notion to safeguard against that. One day. I allow myself to be upset for only one day. Regardless of what happened. Find my balance, then uncover the joy, write music, share with people I love….and Bob’s your uncle…all is well in my world.

We are here for a reason. Decide what it is and make it count yeah? All of it. Dont keep the good stuff, the best of who you are for moment when you are ready, when everything is perfect. The moment becomes perfect when we decide it is so. Now tell me….what are you wearing today hmm? Just how juicy do you feel Lover?

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