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Notebooks help with everything. I jot down words, phrases and dirty jokes I don’t want to forget. When writing music I haul out all my notebooks and locate a phrase that fits perfectly. Yet, at 3am an idea popped into my head, an idea that’s not in any of my notebooks…

Ask any creative and they will admit that it’s hard to ignore an idea in the early hours of the morning. At first I thought I needed to change the name of my album. A phrase kept swirling in my mind. Along with artwork that’s deceptively simple and elegant. This continued until 6 am when I got out of bed and wrote a song. The same song that followed on the heels of this  3am idea.

It also got me to wondering why I make my life so difficult at times. Sometimes the best songs have little to do with production or the levels of complexity. Granted I love sounds that are edgy, dark and brooding. Perhaps even a little angry in places. Yet….when I write or sing a melody that’s not only simple but honest, the emotional resonance comes through loud and strong. In other words, it just sounds nicer.

This new song doesn’t have a name yet. All that’s required is voice and guitar. It has a very Nora Jones kinda easiness to it.

Here are some of the lyrics…

Everytime you hear a song// a melody that haunts you all night long// I hope you think of me// The constant frown upon my face as cherries blossom wild// the stillness in my eyes as fires blazed from hot to mild// in a town of faded blue is where I’ll always be// in a labyrinth made of stone and forgotten memories// When butterflies now pass me by// I’ll watch them dance in the clear blue sky// That’s when I’ll think of you….that’s when I’ll think of you.

I know what guitarist to take this to when I am home next week, and look forward to the flavour he will give this little song. As it is rather gentle and wistful in places.

Anyhoo, seeing that I am up I might as well prepare for the performance on Friday. Full band, the same as in Pretoria in June. Same set list. Only this time we are starting with the favorite band song we didn’t get to play at the Ben Harper show. Also, I will wear the white shirt my best friend gifted me. Along with the bracelet from my Mark and unicorn earrings from my daughter.