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Relationships of all kinds deeply fascinate me. I often tell my friends to listen to their bodies if their minds are clouded. Our bodies do not lie. A long while ago, perhaps four years back, I scribbled in my notebook that I feel like a wolf, searching for melodies and words when my legs are wrapped around my lover. Okay, hold up and let me explain before assumptions are made…

Sexual intimacy is brings release, I  think we can all agree. Very often people speak with their bodies and convey deeper truths than what falls out of their mouths. And that’s what I listen for when I am with another in any space.

A few minutes ago the idea surfaced again, yet this time in my mind’s eye I felt two people who are so disconnected from each other. No, this is not about me or even anyone I know. Sometimes songs come from places not even I understand. I will share some of what I just penned.


‘Under your skin, I can feel the truth under your skin// It never shifts in the morning when you walk past me// Regardless of what you want me to see// Is this what we’ve been reduced to// All the things that use to inspire you…// But now I feel the wolf under your skin// In the place where once our love had been//

So don’t touch me with kindness anymore// The same words you used don’t feel like they did before//  Coz I can feel the wolf under your skin// And it’s devouring me from deep within ‘


I can’t even imagine…feeling that kind of dis-ease around anyone. Wait, it is not a feeling I care to remember or repeat. Life and love can be rough people. Hang in there people. I might just sing this at my birthday performance next month.

My girlfriend asked me when I will be in CT.  ‘I am driving down on Ben Harper’s birthday.’ And she knew without asking the date.  Mind you, he shares a birthday with Frank Ocean who my daughter loves. Anyhoo, gotta go. Maybe I should write a song about a giraffe next…

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