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Each day, each minute, something I was not aware of before. Another way of dealing with energy, people and spaces. Is it easy? Hell no! That’s the fun part….if you choose to view it that way.

Think of love, as an example. This world is huge…and somehow you managed to connect with one particular person. We all have idealized versions of who we would like to live, work with. Yet, often we have all manner of wonderful, yet very crazy people in our space. Why? My theory? In order to love ourselves, others and this earth (to treat her, Mother Nature) better.

When my back is against the wall, I wait. Breathe. Being reactive is never an option. At times, I focus on something altogether different in order to move closer to…something resembiling balance.

I work with people I trust. On and off stage. I ask for advice and admit when I am wrong. And no, not because I want to appear good or nice. I have my own set of standards I would like to adhere to. It never has anything to do with whom I interact.

Obstacles will always remain a constant. How else to learn? How else to create a life more honest and joyful? More true? By encountering challenges.

This is what I observed. We are given numerous exit points. Points in time when another option or way out of a tricky situation is given. It is never easy and always uncomfortable. But often we are too afraid, riddled with doubt, so we hesitate and convince ourselves things will get better. And we lie to ourselves….until the shit hits the fan!

Drama! Horrible words spoken in anger. Actions recklessly taken. Misunderstandings and a great unwillingness to simply pick up the phone and say, ‘ Hey man, can we talk?’ I know this scenario too well. And decided in 2019, this will no longer be my reality, my way of existing in this world. I decided it then and every day since.

It wasn’t and isn’t easy. But my bad days are shorter. I bounce back with greater ease and more determination. As the only matter of great import is my heart….and what and who resides there.

Be gentle with yourselves my people. Everything is working out as it should. Trust.

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