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I made the conscious decision to open up my being to new people and experiences. So far, the year feels good.

This is what I remind myself of…. to see things and people as they are. Make sure the truths I choose are small enough to hold in my hands. It is best to expect nothing but allow the gods to surprise me instead. Enjoy the Music and follow its flow without fear. And I am more than worthy of being loved and loving in return.

RrWhen I think of people in my past there is no regret. I wish them the best, and concentrate instead on what’s in front of me. Everything for a reason. Season. As cliche as it sounds. And if the wheel turns and any part of my past knocks, the only comfort I have is this: I am no longer the same.

Sometimes shitty things happen and we believe we are unworthy of being loved and happy. In our chosen field of work or with the tribe of our choosing. However….what if….just what if…all we are guilty of is asking for what we desire from the wrong person or place eh? Or even at the wrong time hmm?

We were not placed here to only learn lessons, but to experience joy and love. Dammit! The bladdy great stuff! Delicious. Juicy! Let’s not waste more time being willfully blind eh?

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