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There are more kids in the house. They talk nonsense and rip off everyone. Jay is finding his way on his new skateboard and my daughter talks smack while he skates up and down the road. No, they talk about….well, I I don’t really know as I watched from a distance. But they seemed happy. Talking nonsense no doubt!

I deactivated FB and the pointless dating apps. Way too much noise!  I do feel much better about it. I am cutting out everything and everyone who has a similar effect.

Today was my Mother’s birthday. The kids set the table, Danica ensuring everyone was present and accounted for. Then we gathered round to eat, make jokes and celebrate Mummy being alive. Of course, the lights which always work… well….started fluttering and flashing as though we were  in a club getting down! Yeah, yeah Daddy….we feel you man! It was a good day. And my Mother is my everything.

Small things…turn out to be not so small in the end.

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