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So, how do we make things happen in a world that’s  standing still eh? It’s not like we stopped being humans who are hardwired to desire, to experience more in our lives…In essence, how do we keep our light from being swallowed by the collective dark created by this pandemic?

I heard it being said that the only thing that matters is how well you navigate your present moment in relation to your future. I know, sounds complicated doesn’t it? So basically….make the best of where you are, while remaining open enough so new energy moves towards you with ease. Make every matter count. Keep that frequency flying high darling and burn as brightly as you can. Even if you are in a dark hole…

In theory that sounds great. Still, what if you haven’t earned money in months, suffered so much loss and were isolated? What the heall then? How can one not fall apart? And I have, fallen apart plenty of times before my father passed. Interestingly enough, after he passed, those incidents were less.

I tried my best to focus on small things. Cooking a great meal for my family, the family game evenings, the dirty jokes, the sunset and every smile that came my way. And if I managed to write a song…that was a bonus!

Right now I am so happy. I saw my godson, my two best friends, drank good whiskey at sunset and my best friend’s daughter created an amazing play list I listen to as I drive. I am so lucky for these moments of pure joy I experience with people I love!

I work on three new songs in the week, followed by a road trip. A needed break where we are exploring small towns in a beautiful part of South Africa. Of course, this is the fodder for new music I will write once home, where I get to recall those small moments once again.

Everyone in my life, those I love, are in a good space. In between this moment and the world opening up again, all we can do is find small bits of happiness and revel in them. Allow that to become our new, second skin…instead of longing  for what was either a lie or what didn’t work as well as we imagined.

Have a great day wherever you are. Remember, life is never gonna be pitch perfect, but you were wired so imperfectly, with such care, each obstacle refining the sharp edges that gleam in the sun with transcendent beauty. A gem for others to gravitate towards. In essence, you can get through anything thrown at you darling. I just know you can! X

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