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Strange things happen when one has a certain amount of inner peace. Or if you are just, you know, cool with how things stand. Lemme tell you what happens yeah? Weird people enter…or attempt to enter your life. And they are not always as obvious as one assumes in how they present themselves.

I chalk this down to people being lonely or lost. We have all known that scary place. Uncertainty of self and purpose surrounds and anything that feels of warmth is gravitated towards. My family accuse me of being a softy, allowing people in who have no place being in my life.  And I have surprised them by cutting individuals off at the bone.  It’s  clean, clinical and without regret.

We teach people how to treat us. We accept the love we think we deserve. And sometimes do all kinds of crazy shit. We are all flawed in some form or fashion. What we need is a bladdy plan!

I, for example, do not entertain men I have no interest in. In fact, I only speak to people I care for with great consistency. I have no real interest in small talk and hellos and good mornings…if I do not really, really like you.

I speak and blog often about  Noel, Mark and Matt. My sister, daughter, my band and my Mother. My circle is small and none of these people are fools. I also do not entertain anyone who reeks of envy. Life is too short for such energy. In my circle  – we love seeing the other prosper. That is mu rule.

Do you see why discernment matters? I am not engaging with anyone from a place of lack. As this is not my frequency.

I intend making more music, performing more…and inviting only men of my choosing into my life. Someone….spectacular and tall. Also, this is my thinking around love. If something is meant for me it will arrive. Exactly when it means to. Until then…I will chill and enjoy every sunrise and sunset. Yeah, that’s the plan.

Be good to yourself and take care of that heart of yours. It matters. Every bit of who you are. So tread gently….but never forget. You know to handle a knife in the dark.

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