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And so it is…another sign. One of my first producers and songwriters is in town. Saying we work well together is an understatement of note. We can churn out new songs in under and hour and already he has new ideas. He also showed me a picture from 7 years ago in Switzerland when we played at the Montruex Jazz festival. Gods, I was so introverted and uncertain.

Now I have a greater sense of myself and musicality. But as always I am caught between two worlds – the mythic and the modern. I know I can churn out an album with the sound that will get head bobbing and add meaningful lyrics in there.Yet, I love  deeper melodies that shimmer electric and lulls one to places and times reminiscent of era’s forgotten.

Movie soundtrack stuff in other words. Music that requires greater orchestration and a bigger stage. That was always the dream. But with most dreams and the fulfilment thereof it takes time, hard work and forgetting the dream in order to achieve it.

Kinda ironic how life works eh? We always get what we want the minute we stop aching for it. This applies to everything, music included. We have to master the art of letting go.

Two worlds, the one I long for and the one that shows up. Yet, we are never without signs or the way being shown. I think I have learnt a thing or two about balance, about keeping my space clear of anything and anyone toxic. And how to avoid being toxic to others.

Two worlds and ways of being. And I can play in both very well. Yet I no longer desire to do so or blur the lines. In the past I mistook and forgave all manner of bad behavior. It’s love after all! I am seeing things and people for who they are. And staring at myself long and hard while I do so.

So I am stoked about sitting with my old songwriter and seeing what shows up in studio. Just how will he fuse those two worlds in song? And what will I do with my new found balance?

Only time can tell how it all comes together. I am in…no rush at all. The way is always shown it seems. Everything in my life has always been about hope…or a who with. Who to dream with, who to make music with, who to love and how to love as I try to find meaning day after each day.

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