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My take on life is rather simple. It boils down to the following, and this applies to projects I work on, people who perform with me, food I make, the company I keep and the men I chose. It all boils down to this : just how good do I feel when I think of you?

Discernment and perspective helps a great deal. So does the notion of everyone being a mirror. Again, the idea of light being thrown one’s way matters. I recall the feeling of absolute darkness when I got divorced. I made a conscious decision then, and thank you universe, for allowing me the opportunity to refine this choice over the years, to never allow anyone’s love to eclipse the love I feel for myself, music and everything I hold dear.

It’s a odd place to be in really. I can feel the deepest love for another, see them as best I am able to …and leave. This doesn’t make me cold. I am just too busy being excited about my life and seeing it unfold. Besides, if the life of anyone I care for is a mess, does me worrying about them and dimming the love I feel for….everything on good days….really help?

I use to agonize about why certain people entered my life. My goodness man, what is wrong with me that I called in such chaotic energy? Now, I no longer care as much. It’s nice riding on the sharp edge, feeling the pleasure and the pain….and knowing one is strong enough to leave. Or feeling the warmth of an inferno and allowing it to heat my ice cold fingers as I write music….and leave. Everyone has limits and I know mine.

I leave the lives of people only under certain circumstances. Right at the top is the following: When they make me responsible for the happiness they feel. Eggshell walking just ain’t my thang.

Cooking food is an okayish activity.  I google and YouTube recipes not because I enjoy cooking. I enjoy the feeling of nurturing others and seldom eat what I cooked or baked. After all, it wasn’t made for me. A friend of mine remarked a few days ago, ‘ I wish I could feed you better food…’ My response was honest. ‘Everyone needs different things to feel nurtured, and food is not what I require from you.’  Again, it helps knowing, even with people, what needs are being met and how you meet theirs.

Everything boils down to how good I feel, and it is my duty to ensure I feel good first. So just what song did you start your day with eh? What great meal are you gonna cook, fantastic book will you read, silly joke will you tell? There are so many ways of finding joy and being happy. And millions of other ways to give that back to another….

Be the source of what you seek. And watch how many small and big surprises find their way to you…

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