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I use to journal once a week! Can you believe that?  I journal once a day now, mostly to keep track of my craziness. And after Daddy died, all I could do was journal as I struggled to find words around people. Let alone share what I felt!

I struggle to find words in general it seems. Writing helps a great deal. As the shit hits the fan when I am unaware and overwhelmed  by what I feel. Mostly that happens when I am in emotional distress of one kind or the other.

I need…creative stimulation. Home is home. Safe. Wonderful. Lonely at times. No musicians I can really work with, who function on the skill level Rodney does. So I write mad music while my family chirps in with their very odd ideas for lyrics. It really is a lot of fun. Hehe. It will do for now.

That truly is my criteria on which so much is based; the Music. It is so revealing. Just what do you listen to as you drive, when upset,  in love, heartbroken, bored? And if you are a producer, just how musical and innovative are you? I found someone who intrigues me with the sounds he uses. An investigation of sorts has already begun and I do hope great music is the end result.

I have another 007 kinda song I am writing. It belongs to my  usual ‘ stop-running-you-fool-of-a-man- your-ass-is-done-for-so-it-is-best-you-beg-for-mercy’ trope.  My opening lines are,

‘You’re in the eye of the storm. Safe for the present moment. Memories will bind you, and the future find you, so why try to run…’ 

I intend finishing it today. I also would like to pen a song for all the male friends in my tribe. Or should I say tribes. I have a foot or a toe in so many, and know rather amazing men. They deserve a song, the scoundrels! Now will it be funny, dirty or filled with honest emotion? The jury is still out on that one.

Have a great day wherever you are. Remember, you are as tall, smart, handsome and sexy as you imagine you are. Yes, yes, you do look rather vivacious in that dress  today. And don’t even get me started on how that perfume manages to capture your very essence while those earring reflect perfectly the light in your eyes!  Damn lady, you look good!  You can…..Thank me later as I am seldom wrong about matters of such great importance. Wonderful things are on their way to you. I can smell it…











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