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This is why people come into our lives. To remind or wake us up. In my case, having Tumi around is a small reminder that most things worth experiencing can only be done with others. This is how we co-create after all.

We talk, eat, laugh, cook, drive around and then make music. I really like sharing space and energy. Sharing my family and this beautiful part of the world with those I care for.

Soon, I will be in CT with other friends I have not seen in ages. Making music laughing, cooking and hanging out. Perhaps getting up to all kinds of mischief is also on the cards, who knows?

Having no expectations helps a great deal. I told Tumi that I wondered how we would spend each day. I am not the best tour guide around you know. And many things simply do not register in my radar. Yet, we have found that it’s all about the small things. Yesterday, we had a beer at one of the local pubs. That one beer was deeply satisfying. But we were both surprised by being offered a plate of oysters on the house by the owners. Granted, we both looked cool dressed in all white and they assumed both of us are from outta town! Haha. It’s about the small things at the end of the day. Little acts of kindness and generosity.

I can’t wait to see my sister, nephews and daughter. The house will be filled with mad kids driving all the adults crazy! The sound of food sizzling, music playing and the sun bouncing off all our skins.

I am so content. But I gotta bounce. There are chores to do and a radio interview on Bush 85.9 in two hours to handle. Then, we record vocals and cook. And if anything wonderful presents itself at my door….great! No one will be more pleased than I. Make your day as beautiful as your favorite person in the world is. X