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Mercury retrograde is coming up…in conjunction with the planet Venus. That means stuff from one’s past finding their way to your door in a most unexpected way. And Venus is the ruler of all things love related.

Who needs that crap? The new moon is in Scorpio on October 28th and Mercury is in Scorpio. Now I have Mercury in Scorpio in my natal chart. This explains the music and writing I reckon. Mercury, the planet of communication stuck in Scorpio means whatever is said and shared comes from a deep and dark place. Scorpios are not known for being superficial in anything they do, think or feel. We are super intense human beings. Whether we love, hate or are indifferent.

I don’t think it’s bad at all. All Mercury retrogrades ask for matters from one’s past to be revisited and re-examined, for clarity….and we all need that. Especially in matters of the heart. Not that it matters or pertains to me. I have been doing that for the last few months anyway. If people from my past come back into my life it is not for love, trust me. And if they do, no one will be more surprised that me. Anyhoo, we are being asked to consider what’s worth holding on to or letting go of and adjusting accordingly .

Either way, buckle up and keep your balance. Or use the energy to be creative instead. Delve into all those dark and delicious spaces and unearth whatever truths or lies can be found there.

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