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I took the day off and did absolutely nothing. It was glorious. I didn’t write music but I thought about it. I am reminded of a dare or challenge made by two friends (not to me by the way!) ‘You are not to date anyone for a few months. Also, not allowed to even think of dating, sex or anything related to it…’  Look, I can do that easily…but not if Music is involved. Never ask that of me!

Everything in my life is music, becomes music. Every exchange, funny joke, strange piece of art. This is just the way of it. Still, I took the day off. It was rainy and cold….so in the bed I stayed. I watched a movie I rather enjoyed. A mob movie. And I liked everything about it. The cinematography,  acting  and the music. Ah…here’s the trailer…

Tomorrow I take my nephew for a breakfast date. He fought me on it until I said the magic words. Bacon!   He is so sweet, this 13 year old kid. ‘Everything is fun with Aunty Auriol…’  Even studying history it seems!

Then I received some pictures from the photography students at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. I really am considering this image as an album cover..

Tomorrow, after the breakfast date and history lesson….then I will think of music and what to do this weekend and with whom. Choices, choices…

Take it easy over there. X

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