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I sat with my German teacher and worked through the lyrics of a song called Ohne Dich – meaning Without You – by an artist named Selig.  Manfred was concerned, ‘Have you felt this way about anyone Auriol? The song is lovely, but so much pain…’

Here’s the truth.  I read the English  translation of those lyrics, but when we went through the song word by word, I finally answered him with a definitive. ‘Hell no!’  Can you imagine wasting all that emotional energy?

I reckon that’s what happens when your heart breaks the first time. You know what to be on the lookout for. My take is simple. If you are not happy with me, nor I with you, it is best we both find happiness somewhere else. Also, if you are happy then there’s less chances of being harassed or bothered in any way. See, it just makes sense!

Besides, I am in no mood to be sad about anything or anyone. I make it my business to actively find the silver lining when grief comes knocking on my door and I don’t know which way to turn. I listen to the emotions on display until I remember what it is trying to show me. Then I hand it some tea a biscuit and send it on its way. Or I write music.

I need to find a German song that resonates. Or learn more of the language so I can write my own song. Yep, that sounds like a plan!

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