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Nothing in my life works in a straight line. There is never any ‘from point A to point B’ logic. Things come my way sometimes almost by magic. I meet interesting people and things take all kinds of lovely twists.

So this is what’s up. The LoveChild album will be out soon. It’s fun, light and not too taxing. One of my songs will be used as part of an online global campaign. Thanks to my best friend who sits in Canada. There’s an online performance on Nov 28th for Cornerstone Institute’s 50th anniversary celebrations. I was meant to go to Nairobi and perform there as a Peace Ambassador in December. That’s being pushed until it is safer.

Matt, my friend who is a visual effects artist for movies and all other manner of things is helping me create the artwork for my album Before I Close My Eyes. Think….dark and brooding African mythology instead of my original idea with the flowers covering my eyes. This is kinda funny as I have no producer yet or means to fund the album. I can hear Noel saying, ‘Auriol, why are you so candid? Not everyone needs to know your business!’ I don’t write to confess or out myself. This is how I gain clarity and perhaps, whoever reads will have the courage to do the same. Besides, the money, means and everything I need always finds its way to me. Each and every single time.

Matt also created downright spectacular visual art, all anchored in African mythology that we will draw on to create a music video. When I saw the images I asked that he consider the idea. Then I played the song Pray For Rain and it was a done deal. That will be filmed, but needs a great deal of planning. I like the idea of people using my music to manifest their vision. This does not mean I am deeply agreeable to everything. Only if it resonates and so far it always has. I remember something once said to me – always go with the best idea in the room.

In between I am doing whatever pleases me along with performances. That’s good enough for now. One minute, one thing at a time.

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