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I am busy writing a new song….and I don’t know where it is going just yet. A song  about a city I never visited essentially. Also, I am writing about a city …as it is now as well as a city before WW2.

Here are some of the lyrics

My heart belong to Berlin// to the blinding lights so cold// I never see him in the sunlight, only under bridges where memories are sold

My heart belongs to strangers// who offer prayers at ancient walls// To them his arms are a cathedral, but they weren’t with him when ruin came to call…


I like the sound of this song and the nostalgia I intend to create. Berlin, a place I can’t wait to visit and perform in. Also, I have a picture, one of my favorite of Doug stationed in Berlin during the war. So I am keen to discover how the song will end…It has a very Marlene Dietrich feel to it, does this new song.

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