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When I write music alone a few things are inevitable. Someone dies or love is uncovered in a post apocalyptic world amidst flame and ruin.

In short when I write music there is no balance at all. One extreme or the other is all I know to do best. My life is the tightrope…. My sense of music and desire are always at the edges; sharp, dirty and dark if you will. Damn, that does sound dramatic!

I am busy writing a new song and it ends on the phrase, ‘The chaos of an unearthed past has lead me to the one and only….’ I drag the note ‘only’ out for a while. As not even I know what it is I am being lead or called to.

Here are some of the lyrics

‘At the edge of the world, I can feel the wings of butterflies unfurl// The devil in the mirror with the poisoned tongue, is telling me girl it’s time to move on// I’ve been trying to forge my way out of the dark, only to swallow the sun// The chaos of an unearthed past has lead me to the one and only…’

Later still I sing

‘In your eyes I heard sirens luring me to shipwreck disguised as play// The madness leapt into your voice and destroyed eternity in one single day// At the edge of that world only death was the answer to set me free// The chaos of an unearthed past has lead me to the one and only….’

This song is dark and epic. The one and only ‘thing’ I am being lead to is some kind of truth I reckon. Honestly, I will only know that answer when I sit with Rodney so we can both discover what that one true thing is.

All the music I penned in the last while orbits around the idea of a final letting go. Of everything. Not escape or more illusion or dreams waiting to become known in flesh.

A moving towards new energy. Or perhaps I am going mad. That….would not be unusual at all.  As always, wish me luck. When I figure out what that one and only thing is I will be sure to share it ..

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