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Many years ago when my daughter was small, I noticed the following….I am never left without what I need most.

There was a time when I didnt speak to my father, eventhough  were living in the same house. I think it was three years in total. Yet, when I looked back I realised that I was never without a father figure. Other people stepped in when I could no longer reach him. Nor him me.

I was once told by a friend that what I require is a wife. He, as a gay man, meant that I need someone who is a bit more practical and grounded. As this is not what I am at all. Yet, when I look at my innermost circle….I am surrounded by the most grounded people around. People who know how to get shit done, who can cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. And they have me around because…well…I am a weirdo!

We are never without what we need. At times all one has to do is look a bit  closer. Everyone has something unique to offer, an itch we can’t or don’t know how to scratch.

I am uncertain as to how any of what I am doing is gonna work out. I share all manner of dodge music for one reason alone. The exploration rhat comes with creativity itself is so much fun dammit! When I write music I  have zero fucks to give about anyone or anything. As I am enjoying my damn self so much. That little door  I dash through without any care for personal safety or sanity has led to so many other wonderful things happening. So why walk or run through it eh?

Anyhoo, tonight was a good night. My sister double and triple checked my work, as only a teacher can. What happens next…happens. I had fun dashing through that door. If it opens great. If not, I learnt something valuable and wasnt bored.

That, my people, is the worse thing that can befall me. Boredom.  I told my daughter  ages ago that I would simply die if she was the plainest and normalist  child in the galaxy, one who always behaves and does as she is told! I don’t think I could cope. Luckily, she is a bladdy Aries! Haha. Small mercies I tell you.

Sleep well wherever you are. Dream well and never forget – you are equipped with eveything you need to move you from where you are to wherever you choose to be. X

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