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It is a well known fact I suck at playing piano.  Alas, I thought I would share a bit of it – all of 47 seconds to be exact. The song was inspired by something a friend said in India, being in lockdown and an alleged Ben Harper incident. His concert was about to cancelled due to weather, so my dude wrote on a poster – if you’ll stay I will too. Again, to be honest, there are two song ideas I have floating around. One rather happy and then there’s this.

Be warned, bad piano, one chord progression in the chorus and you can hear people shuffling around. Oh, did I mention it is recorded on my phone eh? We do what we can with what we have. Besides, all my albums were first recorded on my phone before they went anywhere…

Later on in the song I sing

” With uncertainty comes hell and heaven waiting to be found. There’s a poison, there’s a cure to every joy and fear around….” 

Anyhoo, I talk too much. Brace yourself for some bad piano and singing my people!

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