This song was penned a while ago in response to the atrocities taking place somewhere in the world. I say ‘somewhere in the world’ as violence is pervasive. I wrote this song in order to explain that everything is cyclical and contrast will always be present.If only to provide us with a chance to make better choices.  And one just never knows on what side of the gun you will find yourself. This was written with Darryl Mannuel at one of our Wednesday night songwriting session. The song is very bold and dramatic in its sound. That was intentional.


At the end of the world where all things come to die

Where blood has no shame and bones can’t be claimed

There you’ll find her and they say she knows everything

Why there’s love but no peace

Redemption without release and greed everywhere

Why joy always comes with pain like drought after the rain falls down




Don’t search for justice in the eyes of your brother

You forget you are the same

You once killed in someone else’s name

Now joy it comes with pain

Like drought after the rain falls down




Don’t hate the face in the mirror that you see

This world is an illusion and you’ve forgotten you were free

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