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This track sums up my Dreaming Music album. Yeah, get ready for some metaphysical mumbo jumbo. It is my belief that incarnate into this world with more than just the skins strapped to our bones or the conditioning we receive in this one life. We are so much more  and  not all of it is beautiful.

What if  we suspended our herd morality and political correctness for one second, and considered the following. What if you were wired to be a human awash in the colors of night? And by that I mean what if you came into this world to be a real badass? Even if one dismisses the idea of past lives, we all have seen ourselves become the villian and act in a manner that would alarm our poor parents.

In the song, as in every album, I am the musical storyteller; your musical shaman if you like. And all I offer are small reminders that we  the accumulation of not only everyone we have met or will meet, but we are  more than capable of stepping into places and energies unlike what we know now. Nothing in my world is linear. Quantum is the key phrase. And so I ask anyone who will listen to remember…to play with whatever shows up in their lives. To chill the fuck out and ease into the roles they chose to inhabit, even if they awash with night. The examples I chose in the song are dark for a reason. Life is not as easy or clear cut as we would like it to seem.  So let’s all just breathe..and …dream in music.

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