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There is a great deal I miss out on, thank goodness. I do not watch television, the news,  spend  great amounts of time on social media, listen to the radio or visit malls. And when home – I only leave  when I am required to. Yes, I can be a recluse, I have those tendencies.

Yet, I seriously dig people, great music and tequila. Yes, I can be a social butterfly of note…but mostly, you will find me huddled in a corner with a smoke while in  deep conversation.  Confession is the name of the game. All the time. Regardless of where I go, people tell me their shit.  I dont take this lightly, and trust is never betrayed.  I know firsthand how freeing it feels when one is heard and seen.

Man, when I felt I wasnt heard – I penned such murderous Music! I invoked the Mafia, hitmen, and all manner of dubious women into my musical harem. Haha!

Be kind and gentle over there. Everyone has problems and is full of shit. Create the space you wish you were given at your lowest, and roll with that. But… remember your own boundaries, yeah? Dont be a doormat or allow others to treat you poorly. Or put your needs last for some greater good. The only greater good that matters is you. Your bladdy sanity, your heart. If you can, if you have the space…. See what happens. Give it a bash….and tell me your story when next we run into each other. X

Die Today – in the original version of the song….everyone dies.

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