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My best friend  is so happy and in love, and while he talked a song popped in my head. In it I sing, ‘Kiss me once, kiss me twice. Tell me lover if I taste nice …’ Of course I use my sweet white girl voice (that’s what my daughter calls it) and at the chorus  sing, ‘I wish we could give it away this love in a bottle we share everyday…’ They also love good wine. No one is safe around me I swear…

That’s not going on the album. It’s too happy. However, it was a program on the history of graveyards that sparked a song I really am into. It is almost done. The issue is…. I don’t know how it ends just yet. I like the lines, ‘I am bound and I am chained to this moonshine reverie…’ Am I writing this song in reverse? And where is the twist?

‘She’s in her sleeping chamber and there’s no one left in sight. Only the empty footsteps of a man who’s lost at night. My bones are made of moonshine and my heart is forged in glass. You look a little thirsty girl. Are you too afraid to ask…’

I am writing because I have not decided what to do with these two evil characters. And just how do I kill them off? Such tough questions on a Monday night, bladdy hell!

I should watch more history programs on the net for inspiration. The jury is still out on these two. Wish me luck and them none! I really do enjoy writing songs like this. Perhaps it should go on my Carnival of Souls album in the future! Haha, I crack myself up when I write music.

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