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While reflecting on the last episode of the tv series Raised By Wolves, that was a bit of a mindf**k to be honest, I wondered, ‘Why? Why did it have such an effect on me?’  I asked the same question as I watched the third episode of The Third Day..

What are you trying to sell me? I ask  when listening to the news, watching movies, tv series or when another human being speaks to me. And why am I buying into this idea or what deeply disturbs me about what I am experiencing?

The idea of pendulums of thought or philosophies, that sway and polarise is very fascinating and what we see playing out everywhere. Not only in our mainstream media but personal lives as well. It seems as though everyone has taken some kind of stand regarding their personal beliefs. Perhaps that is needed. Yet, if it pits the one against the other then we are doomed to repeat cycles played out by numerous others in ages past.

I spoke to one of my close friends Mark last night about cycles and he said, ‘You have grown. Your life is not on loop anymore…’ I see and feel it. Especially the last few years. An elevation of both sides of the coin has become apparent, the good and the bad. I didn’t choose either. I chose myself. Even if it appears I chose another, when looked at carefully that person, in that sliver of time shared, was symbolic of my freedom.

I am what stands in the centre of everything I see in my world. No one else. Not any politician, virus, troublemaker, man or woman. Taking care of what feels true and right is all that matters. Cleaning up that frequency. Removing what festers, my own toxicity. This is of great value as one views the masses mainlining fear…

Fake news? Manipulation? Lies masquerading as truths? Shadow governments? False idols? Ascension? Cabal? Plandemic? Trump as a light worker? Celebrities and child trafficking? Luciferianism in plain sight? Disclosure? Q. End times? New earth?Draconians? Vaccines? Poisoned skies?

……. The dream spell continues….

The internet is a wild place! Filled with so many theories. All of which I find very entertaining to be honest. Yet. What am I doing when I give my focus to anything? Feeding it is what I am doing. With my time and energy.

You are that which is rising to the surface. You. No one else. You alone are at the centre of your world. And those around you are playing their bit part. What are you making space for? What people, experiences and beliefs? Has your world shrunk as you swallow one fear after the next? Or are you willing to allow even your staunchest beliefs to be challenged? Do you welcome different points of view? How does balance feel like in your life? Or are you drinking to drown out the noise? Lighting up to find peace?

Watch those two tv series: Raised By Wolves and The Third Day. Or rewatch any old show you love and ask yourself why it matters, what it shows you about the world you live in or chose to live in. The have a whiskey, kiss someone you love and….breathe…

Be good to yourself first. Then spread that around as best you can. But yes, be sure to kiss someone amazing first. And then ensure you kiss them last and in between the drinking of the whiskey!

Then ask yourself….what is Auriol trying to sell me?




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