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A disclaimer or explanation. When I blog or sing or do anything I ask myself only one question: what is my true intent? Regarding my interactions with men, it is simple. So as to never forget what matters or lose myself and the music in my pursuit of love. That being said…here goes!

Why are men such twits eh? Since my father passed I no longer engage in longwinded and excessive round the bush conversations…especially if I meet someone I like. I state my intent or ask outright,  ‘What do you want from me?’ Life is ephemeral and I do not have time to waste.

Look,  I get weird enough around men I seriously dig. In fact, I barely say a single word.  Or I ask mad questions. As I need to ascertain whether I am losing my mind or just want to jump this man! It is a tricky process requiring time and introspection. Haha! However, I can proclaim with great certainty that I have said my peace to everyone I had dealings with. And for the most part no one has surprised me with a smart comeback or their actions. So I bounced their assses. Like I said, I do not have time to waste or sulk while writing sad love songs. That is so…2018 my people! I am over it.

My life, like most our lives….it’s busy. My everything is always filled with Music. Leaving very little time and space. As I have to fit friends and family into the remaining air pockets. Hence, being straightforward and to the point helps. Seriously, are you 13 years old my guy? Really, no? Then act your age. Time is precious.

That reminds me….I am so excited about this new project I am working on! More music and words and wonderful people! My mind is racing with possibilities…even though everything is up in the air.  Yeah, yeah, pandemic-shmandemic. So what? I am use to working with close to nothing and having my back against the wall! Still. Magic happens regardless. Why? Because I decided it will be so. I keep my energy flying high when Music is involved. Look, how can I not eh? Music is so much fun and it feels so damn good….

Today we head off to the Botanical gardens. I intend taking a book and reading. Being around family soothes my soul and gives me fodder for so many bad and dirty jokes. In the upcoming week I would like to write new music and spend time alone with the Sea. Those are my silly but wonderful plans.

Still. Do me a favor yeah? See people as they are if you can. And I mean…really, really see them. Pay attention to what makes them extraordinary, how they glimmer in the dark, the quality of their sadness or joy…and how fast or slow your heart beats when they are around. If it beats at all. Never forget….they are just you wrapped in another skin and bone. Be kind. Be gentle…and if you must…tell them to go away. Beat it. Scram. Get the fuck out.

Life will always offer contrast. Decide. Be clear….and then move! As long as you enjoy who you are…where you are. Never forget. Murder is always an option. Well, at least for me in Music. Hahaha!!!

Have an amazing day you fantastic human being you. And yes, I got your message. No, I refuse to bring the knives. They are rusted and could be traced back. And of course…I trust you to bring the good whiskey for afterwards or during. Obviously, I brought the ropes, wire and cleanup gear! Yeah, yeah… Wait for me at the tree at 3pm where we did that thing  years okay? Yeah….that thing…hehe! 

Seriously. Have a beautiful day. Make it so. There are so many people who can’t  wait to hang out with the likes of you. People whose sky only you can light up with wonder. X


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