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A while ago someone said (in attempt to fuck with my energy no doubt), “How much of what you see is how you would like to be seen?” Of course yes. My world, my rules and discernment. This was followed by,  ” I found it hard to be in your room…your energy is….innocent…”. Not innocent ( although I appreciated the use of the word). Clean. After all, I am very intentional.

People cannot easily sleep in my bed or share in my very intimate spaces. Or sleep and be left in peace! This doesnt surprise me at all.  Should we all not protect our energy, our sacred spaces?  This includes our physical being. I often tell people…my man, you cannot just go and jump anyone. Their energy and what they carry can infect you. But this isnt the way it works for everyone. Sometimes people just wanna get their rocks off!

We live in a world where lately, things are more transparent.  We sense energy with greater ease.  Some people use their knowing to weave circles of thought  and intent around one.  To entrap, seduce or charm.  It is fascinating to watch really. On a side note I watched as someone tried to seduce me with external trappings. The subtle way in which it was done was a tour de force. I felt, in that second, the discomfort  it brought, but could only put my finger on it much later. No thanks my man. That shit won’t fly here. Still. Very smart.

We are where we are meant to be, for as long as it is needed. This was the hardest to accept. As it felt like…defeat. Until epiphany after epiphany stuck. The wind turns as my one true Swaar says and all we can do is surrender, and allow ourselves to be moved with each turning. In the meantime…it is best to oberve what is…or better yet…enjoy it.

We all see our worlds differently. The manner in which we  choose to interact determines everything. And part of that means getting it wrong.Sometimes, I get sucked in by sincere attempt to help yes. But that’s about it. Forgive but never forget, is my silent motto. Death showed me how to navigate my way around those who come into my physical space and who to allow in. For that I am grateful yes. That’s all that matters. When the wind turns, I will turn with it. And when  called to  leave will do so. 

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