My friends overseas all report the same thing. People are freaking out about this Corona virus. Shops are empty and people are afraid. In South Africa, we are careful and cautious but there is a hell of a lot of memes and jokes going round. Look, we are in Africa and as Africans we have seen too much already. Genocide, poverty, corruption of every kind, you get the picture? And we have seen it being perpetuated in the open.

I picked up an elderly lady while doing some errands, ‘Granny, how are you doing?’ I asked. ‘We carry on my child.’ Such a profound yet simple statement. We carry on. Or in other words – we choose to be here. Despite everything.

I laughed when I heard the terms ‘the flaws of attraction’ , as opposed to the laws of attraction’. Yeah man, everyone is so busy visualizing where they want to be, placing energy into a distant future that we lose our way. Besides, no one really knows why we are placed where we are, in the country, with the parents or partners or what lessons we are here to master. And we won’t learn those things if our heads are stuck somewhere else. Choose to be here. Now. With everything you have. With and enthusiasm and bountiful passion.

I thanked my friends profusely, those who accompanied me on our creative journey in India. And let me be blunt when I say this: it is nothing short of a gift when my friends offered to pay all my expenses to make a music video of my choosing, without me asking.

Even my father questioned why anyone would do this for me. ‘Because we love and believe in you…’ they replied. It took me a few days to digest that. Yet, so much of my life has been filled with that kind of grace. People show up, and when they do all that is required of me is to be present.

I blame my Mother and Granny for this. No other two human beings have shown me as clearly as they have the gift of Choosing To Be Here. Granted the ‘here’ might not always be ideal, but wherever they are….they shine their light so brightly that people are drawn to them. There is a warmth to their beings that makes one Believe in every moment.

Choosing to be here means so many things. Being honest with oneself is at the top of the list. And if chosing to be here means that others will be delighted or enraged by my being – then so be it. This does not mean I care less. Far from it. Part of choosing to be here means forgiving myself first, for simply being human and making mistakes.  And still choosing to be and stand in my truth. Even if it hurts, but with the sincere hope of being better next time round.


Each of us are holding space for others. The flaws of attraction would have one believe that with emotional and thought energy alone we can transform our lives. Indeed we can. Yet very often this takes such a long damn time! It took me ten years to manifest Ben Harper for godsake. But I enjoyed every second to getting there. I secretly loved being called crazy and obsessive. I knew one day I would stand face to face with a musician who played a pivotal role in my musical development. And later could serve as an example to others.  I chased after my dreams only to discover everything centered around how much light I can shed in any given moment.

I choose to be here. With my dying father and family members who have all kinds of troubles. I chose to pick up the phone and drink whiskey with friends when they need me or I them. I chose to say no or yes to certain experiences or people. I chose all of it. And when the pain or heartache finds me I will transmute that energy with Music.

We are all chosen for some work, some task in this world. Yet in order to complete it we have to allow ourselves to become the one who is chosen. And that means…being present

The Talmud says that we see the world not as it is but as we are. Meaning that we only see reflections of the beliefs we carry when we open our eyes. When I am untruthful in any way, control and fear shows up.  I resonate with the words Matt Kahn said, ‘You are the light that allows everything to be seen….’

So allow yourself to be seen and your being to flood sunlight into a world where so many are currently afraid.






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