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And once again our freedoms are limited. No access to alcohol,  people and nature for the next two weeks. Then the ‘promise’ of a vaccine?

The only  thing 2020 was successful at was selling fear. Fear is the real virus. I no longer watch the news and deleted my FB account. Why should I subject myself to the fear of the collective eh?

All I can do is anchor peace within myself first.  Sometimes even I forget that nothing can become a reality and take form if we don’t collect enough frequency. It reminded me of  the universal truth found in all  horror books and novies. It. They. Needs to be invited in before the really bad things can happen. Lower your vibration enough and the door slowly swings….open.

Balance. Neutrality goes a long way. Anchoring peace and being mindful of the stories we put ourselves to sleep with. Or  wake up to.

I am grateful for this year.  The lessons and gifts it brought my way have been life altering. And not only because my father passed.

I have shifted and reached my own golden mean of sorts. I no longer hide behind music. Gods! If I  cannot be truthful with myself and others after this dramatic year, then when? If I cannot allow another to see what’s really in my heart and embody it despite the fear and  rejection, then when? And there was fear and I faced rejection. But after Daddy died…

I once told a good friend that the truth of what I feel will always be found in music. Secret words and small bits of nothing speak hold clues. As a musician being able to play with words and infuse a bit of mystery while doing so is a joy. Yet….

It’s  silly how I was once made to feel, how readily I accepted being branded because I am a musician.  Less than, not good enough, not practical…. because I  filter  everything I experience through my heart first. Only now do I know with great certainty – my ability to do so has not only been a saving grace, it is my  strength. My Voice follows the dictates of my heart.

And right now my heart is only concerned with anchoring peace as best I can.










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