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I am blogging like a beast to stay focused. I made a small promise to myself. Not only will I ensure I feel good but I refuse to worry about outcomes of any kind. Not my career, my family or my love life. This does not mean I do not plan or set free my intentions…

A few minutes ago I reminded myself of something I forgot. When I first started writing songs, I did so with no instruments. All I had were books filled with words that I somehow remembered the melody to. Considering that I forgot my daughter’s second name for a few seconds, this is a feat I tell you! Later I wrote to hip hop instrumentals (while my daughter and now ex husband slept). Afterwards I migrated to the piano. I also made a commitment to write a new song everyday for two years. Later I composed with others and now songwriting is a damn joyful experience. I have moved from singing to my daughter as a baby, alone in the bath, to having a full band and eventually opening for my favorite artist in the entire galaxy. I risked being called mad and slightly obsessed with him for years. I did so because my dreams showed me the way and I listened.

How can I complain about not being abundant?  I came across a little saying this morning. It set my mind at ease and reminded me to remain present. Abundance is the ability to do what needs doing with the tools at your disposal. When I read that I paused. If an outsider looked at my life many things would appear to not be there. Yet, I have always managed to compose music, find an audience, the right producer and magically, the money as well!

Every morning I find a few things to be excited about. Like my Mother I spend time meditating (she calls it prayer). However, my meditation mostly consists of thinking about things I enjoy. In short, I daydream. I told one of my best friends a few days ago I have every intention of recording my new album….anywhere but in South Africa. I have no clue where or how and the details bore me to be honest. However, when the moment comes I will have so many songs at my disposal. Songs I wrote and those handed to me by others, that the process will be seamless. In short, I am preparing myself for amazing experiences while feeling downright fantastic where I am.

And this is how I choose to feel every single day….the exact way I feel right now, right this very second. Centered. Happy. I am in such a damn sweet spot as I do not feel caged or compromised. No wonder I have to fight for a bit of solitude and my social calendar is packed! I have everything I need and  being abundant draws other things, experiences and people towards me. I am certain of it as my life is evidence of it

Whatever you do, wherever you are….don’t ever let them take the fight outta you. Decide when you wake up how you wanna feel and where to place your energy. And then…go! Live! Dammit, life is crazy beautiful. If you need any proof of that – go take a look in the mirror

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