Again, just sharing some bits and bobs from the book I wrote. Some say it is a bit too…what’s the word…esoteric, vague in places. But I will share nevertheless.  And yes, I do on occasion share these thoughts with my daughter. I do not know if the kid pays attention though!

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Dearest Great Granddaughter

Some have called it a gift, others a curse –all the women in our line know the secret names of those we will love before they walk into our lives. I could share stories of Mothers and the treacherous path love and duty required but not today. Instead I will speak of the man whose being  filled me with light.

I dreamt of your great grandfather years before our paths  crossed. He appeared as a healer, intent on mending places within me no one could place. Yet when I finally met him  all I could offer was silence as the words were trapped. This was a feat in itself child, as I am loquacious by nature! Your great grandfather had an effect on me no man could replicate since. He left me wanting, aching for the wild taste of oceans, its tumultuous waves, the gentle caress of feet on beach sand – after drinking only a glass of water. I knew when the aching refused to leave our paths are linked… as long as I could hear the waves calling as I fell asleep.

Here’s the secret you must never forget Faraway Girl – how we love another,our heart’s capacity to give, share despite all our fears determines not only our fate but the fates of the world entire. As all is love. Every act of courage, of cowardice, or indifference affirms our links to the old Gods and whether we take the Left Path or walk in Light; our footsteps a beacon to those who will follow.

We dream Faraway Child, in shadows and silhouettes.. and  those we are destined to love  meet us there.

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