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If we could have every little thing our heart desires delivered to us on a plate, would we really be happy? The kid in me says hellyeah! But the adult who survived 2020 says…uhmm…perhaps not.

I don’t think the noise brought to our doors by the law of attraction is gonna leave us soon. So it’s best to just talk about it for a second. Before thinking about what I would like to attract into my life, it is best I see what’s already there. As it is a great indication of what’s rumbling in my head and heart.

Funny thing, I don’t feel as musically deprived anymore. Perhaps because I am making a concerted effort to write more music.  Also, it is rather fun writing with my family around as they offer the worse ideas for song lyrics. Hence, the process is a lot more fun. To be honest, the energy they bring is more than enough. It is how I would feel around musicians I work with. I raise this point as my take on this new year is as follows. Everything around me is merely a foretaste of what’s coming.

I do feel more balanced. I am not searching for inspiration outside of myself. Neither validation in the form of a man at my side, or anyone for that matter. Advice is always not only required but valued. Yet. My decision around anything is mine alone to make.

I do not view the absence of more music in my life negatively. All I am doing is preparing myself as best I can, by being excited about whatever I am engaged with and riding on that energy. As I am generally rather happy and content.  If I look at those I surround myself with I see the same reflected back to me. We are a peaceful people.

Let me be straight with you though. I need to work on my….spontaneity and spirit of adventure. Sure, not so easy to do during Lockdown, I know. Yet, if I would enjoy the company of a vivacious, engaging and adventurous man, it is best I embody those traits first I reckon. I mean, why wait around for someone else eh?

I reckon that what I am doing is simple in a strange way. I am preparing myself for the kind of human I would enjoy spending time with. Hence, sorting out my life, defining my values and remaining inspired about everything and taking care of my emotional wellbeing. The same is being done in terms of my career. I am doing what I can with what I have.

There is nothing worse than not being prepared for something wonderful  is there? So perhaps it is best we all just focus on being as whole, human and happy as we can be. I have no doubt that what we desire, or the things and people that excite us is on it’s way…just waiting for the signal that says…you are ready!

So hang in there. But be as happy and excited as you can while you hang yeah?

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